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How to care for puppies aged 0-3 weeks?

From birth to about three weeks are considered newborn period. This stage is also known as the growth stage because they spend most of their time sleeping and there is very little reflex activity.
  • Behavior

In the first stage of growth, most of a puppy's time is spent either eating or sleeping. This is important for good health and development, and it is essential not to disturb newborn puppies or recently whelped mothers.

  • Development

Puppies slowly begin to open their eyes from 10 to 14 days after birth, and their ears gradually begin to function after the third week. Both senses are weak initially but will improve over time.

  • Living environment

Although puppies at this stage spend most of their time in a whelping box within the range of their mother's side by climbing a few steps. Regular and gentle contact with humans will help puppies develop their ability to resist stress in life and strengthen the adaptation to contact with humans in the future.

  • Health

Responsible breeders will definitely have their puppies checked by a veterinarian shortly after birth. A veterinarian checks the puppy for birth defects, as well as general health. Once you have completed your health check, you can begin deworming.

  • Nutrition

After the puppies are born, they will continue to rely on their mothers for the important proteins they need to be synthesized in their bodies. As puppies grow, they may also become interested in their mother's food. After starting solid foods, they also begin the weaning process.

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