How to care for puppies aged 4-8 weeks? - Artemis Whelping

How to care for puppies aged 4-8 weeks?

  • Behavior
The little paws take their first steps, play hard with their siblings, and start learning how to interact socially, practicing barking and wagging their tails.

  • Development
Puppies will now gradually develop vision and hearing, and they will also begin to perceive light and sound

  • Breeding environment
A diverse environment helps a puppy develop physically and mentally. Responsible breeders will gradually increase the frequency of human interaction, toys, and sounds and other stimuli as the puppy progresses through this stage.
  • Healthy
The puppies should now be learning to start urinating and defecating without the assistance of the mother dog. If they are unable to urinate and defecate smoothly and independently, it is recommended that you take your dog to the veterinarian.

  • Nutrition

During the weaning period, the bitch will still provide the puppies with all the nutrients they need. Although the majority of puppies at this stage are still milk-based, they will begin to be more interested in what the mother dog eats. At this time, most of the puppies have been able to lick the water in the bowl to drink.



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