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How to care for puppies aged over 8 weeks?

At this time, puppies need to start learning to get along with others. The behaviors that puppies learn at this stage will have a great impact on their future life and personality.

  • Behavior
During this growth stage, the most important things are organizational structure, activities and repetition rules. Puppies learn very quickly at this age, so their future behavior will conform to the experience learned during this period, and they need to maintain training and increase interaction. This will help the puppy develop into a confident, healthy adult dog.

  • Development
Depending on the size of the breed, puppies develop most of their bones and muscles between 6 and 9 months of age. At this time, puppies will change their teeth, and they will also change their hair. Puppies start to lift their feet when they are 6 months to 12 months old.

  • Breeding environment
Ensuring that puppies have theirs own place to eat and sleep, as well as a variety of toys to play with, will help in understanding the basic house rules. Exploring a variety of outdoor environments and being exposed to new experiences will stimulate puppies' ability to learn, develop self-confidence, and create a strong relationship with their owner.

  • Health
This is a good time to begin an activity and exercise program tailored to yourpuppies' developmental stages. Developing good habits now will help your puppies develop and build the foundation for a healthy future. Discuss the vaccination schedule with your veterinarian, and whether the puppy should be neutered (spared or neutered).

  • Nutrition
This is a critical stage in thepuppies' physical development, and it is essential to ensure that they are consuming food designed to meet the needs of this specific stage of development.

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