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Newborn Puppy Care- Health and Nutrition

  • Health:

The biggest challenge for puppies when they are born is to be able to breathe, maintain their body temperature and drink milk on their own so they have a chance of surviving. To help them get through this, be sure to have the proper whelping box on hand. You can put a few bowls of water or use a humidifier to keep the ambient humidity at 65 to 70% to help the dog breathe properly. You can also use a heater or infrared lamp to maintain the ambient temperature, but pay attention to the stability of the heater and do not place it too close to the puppies.

Breeders weigh puppies immediately after birth to get a sense of the puppies' health and determine if they are underweight. The weight and growth rate of puppies in the first 48 hours of life are key to breeders as they determine the health of newborn puppies. If the weight is too low, you need to pay more attention to the amount of milk the dog drinks and its subsequent health status


  • Nutrition:

It is very important for puppies to drink milk as soon as possible after birth. The breast milk that newborn puppies drink is actually colostrum, a substance secreted by mother dogs that supports and strengthens the immune system of puppies. Make sure each puppy is getting enough milk.

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