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Newborn Puppy Care Guide & Age Stage

Taking care of newborn puppies and kittens is a very time-consuming task. There are too many things to pay attention to, from living environment, nutrition, temperature to health care. First of all, let's start with how to observe the physical characteristics and behavior of puppies at different ages!

Newborn to 1 week:
-Sleep 90% of the time and eat 10% of the time
-Susceptible to hot and cold temperatures
-The umbilical cord may still be attached and fall off around day 3
-Eyes closed
-Flat ears
-Requires mother dog to lick puppies to stimulate defecation

Week 2:
-Eyes closed, usually start to open on day 10-17
-Ears start to open

Week 3:
-Open eyes
-Teeth may start to erupt
-Can stand up and walk around
-Can lick liquid
-Can defecate on its own
-Begins to notice its surroundings and play with other puppies
-Begin to distinguish where to go to the toilet

Week 4:
-Start teething
-Began to eat food, and show interest in canned food
-Start barking, wagging tail, biting, chasing
-Begin to develop observation skills

Week 5:
-Canned food can be eaten
-May start eating dry food
-Will start playing with groups
-Grows very fast

Week 6:
-Should be able to eat dry food, play, run and jump
-Growth continually 

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